Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Doctor Who Lockdown cinema posters

It all started when the lovely Emily Cook ( @Emily_Rosina ) sent out a tweet suggesting that, under lockdown conditions, wouldn't it be lovely to have a nationwide tweet-a-long to the first episode of Doctor Who (2005) 'Rose' on its fifteenth anniversary. By all accounts the suggestion snowballed into a worldwide trending event for which Russell T Davies himself appeared on Twitter to join in and even supplied a new ending for the episode. 

The tweet-a-longs are now a regular event. Loads of creatives join in with the fun along with many of the cast, writers and producers. 

I did my bit and added a few retro cinema posters to the melee. A few. I say "a few". I've now done ten - one for each episode. I even threw in a few classic series stories too.

Each of these posters is (sometimes loosely) based on ones for old feature films. I'll tell you which at the bottom of this post but in the meantime, see if you can spot them. Some are pretty obscure... 

The designs are based on the following feature film posters:

Dalek - Kronos (1957)
The Eleventh Hour - The Blue Bird (1940)
The Girl in the Fireplace - The Virgin Queen (1955)
Human Nature/The Family of Blood - Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)
Heaven Sent - Death in Venice (1971)
The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
Planet of the Spiders - Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)
Remembrance of the Daleks - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (1960)
Rose - Invaders from Mars (1953)
The Stolen Earth/Journey's End - War of the Worlds (1953)

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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

A Selection from the Supermarkets...

In these times of social distancing and limited supplies in supermarkets, we have to be a little more choosy in the groceries we purchase on that rare occasion we venture into the outer world. 

My rule of life is:

 "If you can't have what you want, then make your own!"

And that is what I have done... 

I find these two books excellent guides for these interesting times. Mrs Farrel's recipe for Ogron Brain chutney is a must at this time of year. 

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Friday, 10 April 2020

Target: Whittaker - Alternate Covers

As a supplement to the previous Target: Whittaker posts, here's a collection of Target covers I did for Doctor Who's series 12 either before decent visual material became available or after when I decided to do some variants. 

Hope you like them. Some of these weren't uploaded to Twitter

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Birdbox Streaming

Streaming services are ten-a-penny these days. Amazon Prime, Netflix, DisneyPlus, etc... are a great diversion in these times of social isolation. But no doubt, the intensity with which folk are using them will result in a lot of us realising there's actually not much of true interest on these sites - a handful of premiere TV shows, some blockbuster movies you've seen at the cinema already and a selection of really obscure items that you only find by accident due to the nature of the site's bizarre interpretation of your viewing habits. 

Britbox launched last year and on Boxing Day gave access to every available classic Doctor Who episode ever (except for the ones it didn't). Britbox is a UK initiative created by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to provide access to their back catalogues in lieu of the US-based streaming services who tend to promote their own material. Admittedly, the Doctor Who material is the only true archive material on the site at the moment - it's mostly recent stuff of the likes that digital channels like GOLD, ITV3, More4, etc... already screen ad nauseum. But we are promised more as the service become established. For archive material, you can do no worse than seek out the "From The Archives" section on the BBC iPlayer. It features a variety of elderly BBC programmes including episodes of Panorama, Man Alive, a handful of black and white dramas, odd episodes of Bob's Full House and Big Break together with Quatermass and the Pit - complete and fully restored. 

With that all in mind, I started thinking about a streaming service myself. I called it Birdbox (see what I did there?). And begin tweeting highlights of its odd programming in a similar vein to how DisneyPlus promoted its content on Twitter

Here are those said highlights... (Click images to enlarge)

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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Target: Whittaker (update)

This is a bit of housekeeping really. I did a handful of mid-70s Target book cover for Doctor Who series 11 early last year. I was so pleased with them, I turned them into a set of mugs available from the RedBubble shop. 

Just before Christmas, I returned back to the idea and did the rest of the episodes - another five or six, I think. The series is now complete and here they all are. Some of these have been posted before but here they are all in one place. 

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