Thursday, 19 July 2018

An Important Message!

Hello there.

I don't usually write lengthy written posts like what other blogs do. I usually let my designs do all the talking. But, if you don't mind, I've a little request of you...

I’ve often in the past fudged the query of why I don’t do prints of my work. The simple and honest answer is I can’t afford to. I’m a full-time carer so both time and money is at a premium for me. I came up with a compromise a year or so ago, to print some postcards up of my more popular designs. I scrimped and saved and did some. Not many. But they were popular enough to do a few more.

Some of you will have noticed that I recently set up a Ko-fi account.

"What’s a Ko-fi account?" I hear you ask? 

Well, it’s a opportunity for all you lovely people to buy me an imaginary coffee as a way of showing your appreciation of my work.  In truth, the Ko-Fi website allows you to pay me the sum of £3 - a generous amount for a really nice cup of coffee. Some very nice folk have already bought me some which is probably the reason I'm still awake at this time of night typing this. Thank you to them. 

Now I can’t promise to buy coffee with all the three pounds I'm bound to be deluged with(!) but it will go some way towards adding to the funds I require to build up a stock of postcards of my work to take to conventions and fan meetings. Fifty cups of coffee will allow me to make £150 which will (roughly) give me 10 designs. I think that’s reasonable. 

I don’t have a business plan as such. This is a hobby designed to pay for itself and allow me to share my sense of the absurd with other like-minded misfits.

You’ve probably been to this blog a few times in the past. Thank you for that. Now take a ten minute break from whatever you are doing and have a look at some of my past posts. The ones you may have missed. There's been well over 400 posts over the past four years. The best way to do this is to put the term “Fake Merchandise” in the search box on the top left and hope for the best. Take a look at the stuff that comes up. 

WOTAN carriage clocks, William Hartnell baby dolls, After Henry Pasta Shapes, Princess Diana Star Trek figures, dozens of Chumbleys and loads of other demented tat. 

That’s all got to be worth the price of a cup of coffee. 

Here's the link to my Ko-fi account.

Thank you. x.

PS - Don't worry. I will be carrying on doing all the silly stuff on here time permitting. I've some updates to upload over the weekend.  

PPS - Also, if you don't want to help me out, that's okay. Just enjoy the stuff I do. I enjoy doing it. It gives me a break from my carer's duties and is good therapy too. The fact you are here reading this, is reward enough. Thanks again. 

PPPS - The temptation to humourously title this post "A Important Massage" was almost too overwhelming... I need to get a grip sometimes.


  1. I absolutely love your work, Andrew-Mark. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I love your work.

    Will you make your cards available to buy here.

    Especially all the wonderful annual art.