Friday, 19 August 2016

A Selection of Sweet Cigarettes...

There was a time when very TV series had a packet of sweet cigarettes named after them. 

And just like real cigarettes, you had to keep buying further packets. In their case, it was to complete your collection of FREE PICTURES CARDS - usually about 50 to collect. 

You can still buy them today only they are called candy sticks and no longer contain free cards. So sad.

Here's some of the rarer examples. 


  1. The images of the boxes are purely Photoshop. No physical boxes.

  2. They really good, how hard are they to do, look good with my collection


    1. Not TOO hard. The front artwork is done flat and then distorted onto a picture of a real sweet cigarette box. Checking my files I see that the original boxes were packets of Sooty sweet cigs and Dixon of Dock Green ones for the one showing the picture card.

  3. You should get some on eBay, they will sell well