Saturday, 18 June 2016

Space: 1999 mini-albums - 21 Minutes of Moon Madness!

I haven't done any mini-albums for a while but I was reminded of the final four that the failing company (which had been sold off to K-Tel) released in the mid-seventies. 

They were based on the popular Space: 1999 and featured specially recorded performances by the three main stars - Martin LandauBarbara Bain and the other one. 

Sadly the entire range was swiftly withdrawn from sale shortly after their release following complaints from parents about the John Koenig one. Can't think why... 

They occasionally turn up in charity shops but not as records.

Into Action with John Koenig!
Alan Carter's Fitness: 1999

Dr. Helena Russell sings Space Nursery Rhymes!
The Other One

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