Saturday, 28 May 2016

Presenting the new 'Baby Doll Patrick' doll

As regular viewers know, I am still fascinated by those full page adverts for "limited edition collectors items" that clutter the pages of Sunday newspaper colour supplements. 

About a fortnight ago, I was quite shocked to discover there is now a Doctor Who cuckoo clock on sale. This is a couple a months after I debuted my Official Sydney Newman Doctor Who Cuckoo Clock. Life imitates art. 

Another one of those products that I find genuinely quite disturbing is the life-like baby doll models. These are disturbingly realistic 'dolls' designed to look as cute as possible but in reality have the souless eyes of a shop window mannequin. 

I created one in the image of the first Dr Who William Hartnell about a year ago. It certainly created a bit of a brouhaha with twitter comments ranging from 'I want one!" to "You are now blocked, you sick bastard!" 

I produced a postcard of it for last year's Whooverville convention and I sold well into double figures of it... about fourteen. 

With my medication wearing down over this Spring bank holiday, I decided to create a companion doll for the first one. For this, I apologise. 

Here it is... 

From our factory camp in North Korea to...
...your child's loving arms. Another satisfied customer!

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