Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Short-Lived Doctor Who Fotonovel Series

Remember Fotonovels? Back in the late seventies, before the advent of domestic video tape recording, they were a popular way of reliving your favourite movie or TV show - especially if the latter was Star Trek

A company called Mandala Productions produced the majority of these little paperback visual treasures. The books used what we today would call 'screencaps' and comic-strip style speech bubbles to tell their tales as dynamic colourful photo stories. 

Twelve episodes of the original Star Trek were given this treatment as well as the first two motion pictures - though the Wrath of Khan one was a very disappointing black and white version.

Sadly they were short-lived; no doubt replaced by then fledgling video tape market in the early eighties. They were also dominated by US material and the chances of any British TV show - let alone Doctor Who - getting the 'Fotonovel' treatment were minuscule to say the least.

Until now... 

Oh and this one was probably highly unlikely as well...

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