Saturday, 20 September 2014

Jon Pertwee investigates crime...

I was reminded today of a series of children's adventure novels from the mid-seventies that went under the umbrella title of "Roger Moore and the Crime Fighters". Apparently, the actor Roger Moore - famous for his roles as TV's Simon Templar in 'The Saint' and TV's Lord Brett Sinclair in 'The Persuaders!' - had a hobby of investigating crime with the help of children. These investigations were chronicled in a short-lived series of novels for the less-discerning teenager. 

The actor Jon Pertwee - then famous as TV's third Dr Who - needed an income following his departure from the popular BBC show. He saw the Roger Moore books and decided he wanted to some of that. He commissioned some of the old Doctor Who writers to come up with the goods. 
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They were never published and the Pertwee name remains unsullied...until now!

STOP PRESS (23/09/2014): 
I was inspired to post this after seeing the following tweet by Gideon Defoe . Thanks for the memory.

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